• Endlesspossibilities 2006

    NOTE: I will do some blogs with my OC and now on with the show

    Yu: here we are the festival of fate.
    Alpha: why did you enter me,Joey,and Zero.
    Yu: because this could be fun and I like to fight.
    Alpha: okay then well you could have at least bought will.
    Yu: forgot that will on a mission and I think we should go in the stadium to get good seats and to see who will we fight.
    Joey: fine the quicker we do this the quicker I get to relax.
    "They went into the stadium and went in they seats:

    Announcer: welcome to the festival of fate and I jest going to cut to the Case the first battle will be...........the flaming hunters vs.......the nicks Read more >
  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    in the icy place on a cold night where the snow falling and Andrew was sitting in his ice palace meanwhile joey jones was near the place and enter in it then with Andrew heard the footsteps and gone in a second to investigate who is there and make sure that he would not get in and find who is who then he got like he teleport and saw the person that is intruder in the kingdom then he got to person entering the kingdom and stop him just before he enter the kingdom stop! as Andrew said loudly joey replied sorry I need to go through well then Andrew said if I can't stop coming in then I will do it with force then bring out his ice sword I told you I need to go through as he quickly bought his sword just before Andrew slash at him and both kne…

    Read more >

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