• Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Jimmy: We have reach a conclusion now time to figure out who would win once and for all

    Timmy: The show opens the shining and the fight begins, Go!

    Yu Hamada was out on a mission to bring in Roy Heartrose while the other were on there missions walking in a forest calmly till he found his target after sometime he saw a shadow and shot a blast of electricity to the shadow which avoided who really Roy Heartrose

    Roy: What the hell kid you should go

    Yu Hamada: Sorry I on a mission to bring you down even with force

    Roy had conflicting ideals about his threat but he just decided to throw some fire to scare the kid away but when he throw the fire it didn’t work heck it made worse

    Yu Hamada: Oh want to battle then so be it


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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Jimmy: Lightning and fire

    Timmy: the most hottest elements relatively speaking

    Jimmy: I don think that means what you think. Add in siblings with one of these powers who would win

    Timmy: Yu Hamada younger brother of Zero

    Jimmy: Roy Heartrose royalty?

    Timmy: Anywho I’m Timmy and he’s Jimmy we here to see the stats of these two characters and see Who. Would. Win.

    Yu Hamada

    Jimmy: A younger brother to zero.

    Timmy: his parents got a divorce when Yu was 2 his mom take Yu and the father is force to have zero and Yu step-farther last name is Hamada so his last name was change.

    Jimmy: then when he was 5 he was in a accident that gave him lightning powers and his step-father and mom tried to have Yu to control his powers.

    Timmy: but they fall so they abounde…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well with the title I decided to put Andrew vs Zero on hold cause I want to do another fight but for the fight after that that’s the tricky part so I made a poll to decide the next match with three candidates but for the next time we’ll here the hint which is hotter fire or lightning and here the link

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well I decided to just make it to the ones I have but there be some things I most likely get the characters personally wrong but I about to start production of the first episode and the just research thing well the Metal Sonic vs Cyberius is delay and Joey vs Dante and the hunter ark is push back to season two but Alpha vs Victor will come out before season two lastly the new pliot for the oc fighting show is Joey vs Crash we giving that another try so that all the news

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well to put this simply I want to make a OC total drama and I want about 40 OCs and there will be 4 teams of 10 and here the team names and I will put the OC on one of the team and you can decide the team names


    Ironic the heagehog


    Grade Wilson


    Eric Jonson

    Link Kara

    Beck the slayer



    Fei Lure

    Rhino Steele


    Mako stride

    Justin Noire

    Aaron Young


    Yu Hamada


    Galen Avel

    Luke Nephilim


    Cole Starus

    Aika Totoro



    Rick Cartman


    Roy Heartrose

    Grimi Locura


    Sutekina Itazura

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