• Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Jimmy:The votes have been counted up,the lights are on,the fighters enter,and the results are in

    Timmy:It Time for these original characters to collide

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Joey Jones was of to stop Zane since the rest of his team were busy on missons Alpha was with Will Lee trying to protect a town,Yu Hamada is undercover,and Zero is trying to find a ice place in Antarctica I think. As he getting closer to Zane,Zane was rebuilding his machine that can go through dimensions and time and was almost finish and he noticed Joey was getting closer so he have his bots to distract him and then he was finish and Joey got though and was about to hit zane but lucky Zane …

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    ???:Life is a delightful thing that we should be proud of

    ???:but there are always deaths

    ???:and usually when you die you will not be bring back to life

    ???: but these two combatants who died and returned back to life somewhat and fighting for good

    ???:Like Joey Jones a member of flaming hunters

    ???:and Crash sonic brother

    Timmy: Hi I Timmy and he jimmy

    Jimmy: and do we have to complete sentences all the season in the intro

    Timmy:Saddly yes and we here to research these two oc of there weapons,armor,and skills to get to the final results and see the original characters collide

    Timmy:When he was born, Crash already had a rarity for mobian newborns, two primary fur Colors!

    Jimmy:Tho his main colour was red, his forehead hair, ears, and quill tips we…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006


    October 7, 2017 by Endlesspossibilities 2006

    This will be a thing I will do and this show is kind of death battle,FFC,All star showdown,etc but the first name I will give it would be Original Character Who Would Win it stupid but that my first name for it and here the season one line up so far

    Episode 1:Joey Jones vs Crash the heagehog (just something nomal before a tragedy that change there life's forever)

    Episode 2:Andrew vs Zero (at first a bad life then things got better but for one it got worse and was separated from there brothers)

    Episode 3:Layla Li vs Steven soul (nomal people that died and return to get revenge)

    Episode 4:Alpha vs Link Kara (Reboot) (was invited to something and leads a team)

    Episode 5:Aika Totoro vs Justin Noire (Black and have something against the hero in gene…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Oh hello there what is this well it a tournament but some rules RULES Only OC

    Winner will be decided by coin toss

    The loser will ether be Killed or knock out and will also be decided by coin toss

    Only 32 OC in this

    Just put two of your OC in here


    2:Yu Hamada































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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    NOTE: I will do some blogs with my OC and now on with the show

    Yu: here we are the festival of fate.
    Alpha: why did you enter me,Joey,and Zero.
    Yu: because this could be fun and I like to fight.
    Alpha: okay then well you could have at least bought will.
    Yu: forgot that will on a mission and I think we should go in the stadium to get good seats and to see who will we fight.
    Joey: fine the quicker we do this the quicker I get to relax.
    "They went into the stadium and went in they seats:

    Announcer: welcome to the festival of fate and I jest going to cut to the Case the first battle will be...........the flaming hunters vs.......the nicks Read more >

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