A message I left on the Battle Royale Discord. I suppose I should've said something here sooner.

"I need more OCs to continue OC fights =w= There's only 46 right now, making it only good for 23 fights assuming everyone has an equal matchup for them, which they don't lol. It's hard to pick fighters when people make joke characters, or make their OCs building level at the lowest and solar system at the highest"

So I'd like you guys to get out there and make more OC's! Just try to calm down with how big their power gaps are. It doesn't matter how strong they are, they'll only be matched up against those with equal stats so it'll be a fair fight. It's hard to match them up though when their stats are all over the place.

I know there are already a few good matchup ideas for OCs, but I don't want to use them all up already and then have another long gap of nothing. So don't worry, I haven't forgotten or given up on it again. Just waiting for more!

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