aka Seliph Baldos Chalpy

  • I live in Hiding in the shadows.
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is An assassin
  • I am Male
  • Roymaster11

    Link was running through the ruined city, his home destroyed as it rained upon the city. "Mother.. where are you, please be alive!" just as he was running, he saw Roy Heartrose on the ground struggling to get up. "Roy!?" he then darted his eyes back to the boy, his name was Aaron Young, Aaron knew what Link was thinking, "Wait, I can explain, I swear.. it was self defense!" Link clenched his fist.. "In a place and time like this? I have a hard time believing you.." he grabbed Ocean Waves taking them out and spun them around getting into a fighting stance, "I also have a hard time trusting you, I don't care if you are or not part of the villains, I'm not letting you get away harming my friends!" 

    (Cue-Nightmare Fiction II ) 

    "This... is all b…

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  • Roymaster11

    Hello! My name is Roymaster11, and I'll be discussing the possible upgrades for the following characters below!

    Ahh, the main character of Heroes Unite, this upgrade has Link being capable of now attacking on the offensive with a move called "Swift Rain" and with this he can use his Affinity WITHOUT breaking his legs at 10%. With Swift Rain he is capable of using his Affinity poured onto his legs increasing his kicking power being capable to smash a boulder to pieces. Link has a possible Light Manipulation due to his father having light manipulation.

    Roy Heartrose has now developed a new technique, with being capable of using his Affinity in shortbursts.

    Alright, that's all I really need to show you, Heroes Unite is onwards to Season 3 as of …

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