• Spinoapex

    Anyone willing to help?

    February 6, 2017 by Spinoapex

    So i have oc that isn't fully complete and has been we me for years

    so here the short story

    the world started with two dragons gods, the brothers (for now i refferr them as brother 1 and 2) created vast universe filled with muiplte galaxy and worlds they created life, how reality worked, ect, however  brother 1 decided to cause destruction as he would most of the worlds he deem imperfect and unworthy to exist, destroying them, brother 2 displease of his action tried to teach his brother of how perfection itself is imperfection, and to love it and accept it for it flaws and ugly points, brother 1 straight disagree and soon lead to them fighting each other, which result in destruction of multiple worlds and universes, the brother 2 was victori…

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