Story: Ever seen a doll make itself. Well this doll did his name is voodoo. He still has his ball of yarn to make minions and for serious combos. He can can use the needle in head as a sword for combos.

He can make himself as big as he has to be to fight. He is very fast and can run across roofs and air. His ball of yarn can become a rope to swing across distances.

In summary he is an agile doll who uses kharma to fight his evil enemies.

Personality: Fast, Calm, warm

Appearance: Purple, can grow as he needs to.

Tier: 6-A

Name: Voodoo

Origin: magic

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Powers and abilities: Can make things with his yarn ball, can grow, can make opponents bend to his will, can reflect attacks with a mirror shield

Attacking potency: 9-c (Destrucion is not his thing he doesn't like to destroy stuff

Speed: Peak superhuman

Lifting strength: class 2 (Can lift building stones)

Striking strength: class tj (Can day al damage to country level durability foes, like snake bite)

Durability: Small continent (Can take blows from monsters meant to destroy australia 

Stamina: inexhaustible 

Range: 50  miles

Standard equipment: Needle, yarn ball

Intelligence: Over average (Solved many puzzles)

Weaknesses: Can be stopped with enough force

Notable attacks/techniques: Can wrap aground large objects he can use to pull heavy objects, Needle can make an energy needle, Yarny steel  Wraps yarn around opponent and spins them towards him and slices opponent upwards then lands a quick combo before letting them fall on the ground.


Solved so many puzzles in a complex

Yarn can move so many heavy objects

Can swing up onto a building

Energy stabbed snake bite to death

Beat continent level eneimes
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