who do you guys think The Terminator should fight? Leave your suggestions and opinions below.

Android 16 from Dragonball Z (Wrestler456)

Both were built to kill one person but eventually decided to fight for the good guys and both sacrificed themselves for the cause. Both also has suicide attacks. (I know 16 stomps but I really wish he didn't because love the fight idea)

Jenny/XJ9 from My Life As A Teenage Robot

Yeah, kind of a long shot, but still, two robot combatants, both with a purpose to fight for some kind of cause. Terminator was sent back in time to kill the leader of a future rebellion but ended up sacrificing himself for that leader while XJ9 was built to fight for justice and all that kind of thing. Overall I'd say Jenny has a pretty good chance here due to her toonforce durability and all her unpredictable gadgets the likes of which Terminator hasn't really faced before. Overall, this probably goes to Jenny.