=("writers note for a bit this will be empty except appearance until I think of his on hold


when he a boy he want to explore but his town was being attack he tried to fight back but was knock out when he awakened from his sleep he was the only one that survived and decided to train to his peak and after a he want to make fair he put up 10 big weights to make it even and found the killers and kill them after that he bought down a different city criminals after a bit he was offered to join the flaming hunter with zero at the age of 15 then joey jones join then Alpha after a bit a war broke out the flaming hunters tried to bring the war down but end up tearing the freabit of the space time continum


he kind hearted and nice and The strongest of the team and has multiple forms 12 or 112 in total

===Appearance=== red clothing blue hair white gloves yellow eyes

==Powers and Stats==

'''[[Tiering System|Tier]]:'''

'''Name:''' Will Lee

'''Origin:''' OC (The flaming hunters)

'''Gender:'''  Male

'''Age:''' 15 (when he first join) 16 (when Joey jones join) 17 (when Alpha join) 19 (when zero bought down his father) 40 (when he retired)

'''Classification:''' Human

'''Powers and Abilities:''' 

Martial arts

'''[[Attack Potency]]:''' 9-A (with all the weights) 8-C (With just 9 weights) 8-B (With 8 weights) 8-A (With 7 weights) 7-C (With 6 weights) 7-B (With 5 weights) 7-A (With 4 weights) 6-C (With 3 weights) 6-B (With 2 weights) 6-A (With 1 weight) HIGH 6-A (all weights off) 5-C (Limit break form)



'''[[Lifting Strength]]:''' 

'''[[Striking Strength]]:''' 




'''Standard Equipment:''' 



'''Notable Attacks/Techniques:'''


*was able to keep up with speed with zero at base

*(Feat #2 here)

*(Feat #3 here)

*(Feat #4 here)

*(Feat #5 here)

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