A younger brother to zero. his parents got a divorce when Yu was 2 his mom take Yu and the father is force to have zero and Yu step-farther last name is Hamada so his last name was change then when he was 5 he was in a accident that gave him lightning powers and his step-father and mom tried to have Yu to control his powers but they fall so they abounded him he was found by the government and they take him to see about his powers after 4 years he completed his training and went off into the world made some roller skates to increase his speed and then stop crime in just time after a bit he Was bought in by the flaming hunters to join he didn't know should he join but he decided to join


Cocky,carefree,caring,comic relief,a trickster,likes to race,likes to battle,have a strong bond with his brother


A white jacket

A long sleeve white shirt

White pants

White shoes

Spiky White hair that look like a anime protagonist

Blue eyes

Powers and Stats

Tier:Low 6-B (in lightning breakthrough) high 6-A

Name: Yu Hamada


Gender: Male

Age: 11

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: ice manipulation and lightning manipulation and limited time manipulation

Attack Potency: low 6-B (in lightning breakthrough) high 6-A

Speed: (in base) massively hypersonic+ (in base with roller skates) relativistic+ (in lightning breakthrough) FTL+ ( in lightning breakthrough with roller skates) massively FTL+

Lifting Strength:  CLASS K (in a lightning breakthrough) CLASS T

Striking Strength: CLASS PJ (in lightning breakthrough) CLASS NJ

Durability:  outerverse level

Stamina: high

Range: 12 yards with pistols and 10 miles with lightning

Standard Equipment: two pistols: that he use alpha gravity bullets

Intelligence: Above average


Is still human

doesn't use ice as much as lightning

pistols have limited amount of bullets

still a kid

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Lightning trail: with his roller skates he put his to the wheels since the wheels are made out of metal and make a trail of lightning and if a opponent step on the lightning they will be electricute


  • Survived a punch that can destroy a large mountain
  • Survived being impale
  • Survived falling back to earth
  • Survived a punch from gods.....even though he was knock out for a week
  • Ran for 5 days
  • his ice can freeze a normal person in seconds
  • can destroy mount Everest with five punchs and can destroy it with a blast of lightning
  • if absorb enough lightning can increase his stats this he like to call lightning breakthrough and can use his lightning by shooting up in the air and coming back down on him can work to use his Lightning breakthrough



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